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--- Chad Waller, Jean Luc, Alex Handziuk, Emily ---

A weekly show with Jean-luc, Chad, Alex, and Emily as they talk nuanced comic book discussion. Topics that we have covered include: Speed Racer, lizard fursonas, and wizard abortions.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 245: It's About the De-Jokerfication Process

    Packed episode this week, lots of content in a tight run time. You can thank the editor for that! Here's a list of everything we talked about with helpful time stamps: 1:30: Chad and Emily anime corner 7:15: Chad's MLP fanfic 12:14: New Taylor Swift Song 15:57: Suicide Squad trailer 24:40: Haha #3 29:10: Alien ...


  2. 243: It's About Trading Batman NFT for Car

    This week, Chad and Emily talk Yashahinae and other anime, Alex watches more Naruto, and Jean-luc plays Apex on the Switch to middling results. After that it's some NFT talk because we have to, then some Batman stuff, Joker, Wonder Woman, Karmen, Home Sick Pilots, Specter Inspectors, and at least ...


  3. 242: It's (Predictably) About Lola Bunny's Tits

    Ok, so first I'm sorry about the title--I promise we don't really spend that much time on the Lola Bunny discourse, but it's probably decent for SEO so it's the title. Most of the episode is actually about comics--Jean-Luc has been re-reading Morrison's Animal Man, and there were a bunch ...


  4. 241: It's About Steamed Hams

    This week the Comics Podcast is in dissaray! Fresh off a mind-bending week in which audio files were corrupted the intrepid members banded together to tackle the latest comic releases. Thankfully they didn't start there as Emily tells tales of her new cat Buster, Jean-Luc regales the masses with stories ...


  5. 240: It's About We AfghaniSTAN Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift is putting out music again, so that means we have something to talk about. Also Riverdale. So much Riverdale...And Emily saw a bunch of movies, and Jean-luc did stuff probably. I don't remember. Just noticed we were a week late on an episode and our last one only ...