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--- Chad Waller, Jean Luc, Alex Handziuk, Emily ---

A weekly show with Jean-luc, Chad, Alex, and Emily as they talk nuanced comic book discussion. Topics that we have covered include: Speed Racer, lizard fursonas, and wizard abortions.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #68: It's About Insane Clown Posse

    Holy bajeebus! On this week's episode, Jean, Alex, and Chad tackle about a thousand crazy, stupid things, starting with Aquaman and then why Underworld is better than Moonlight except not really. Then it's Batman, Batman again, The Walking Dead, Wayward, Glitterbomb, Thor and Aquaman having sex, and probably a few ...


  2. #64 It's About Taylor Swift is Shadow the Hedgehog

    On this week’s train wreck, Chad gets really drunk and Jean and Alex don’t discourage the behavior. Also, Taylor Swift put out a new song, and it’s a wild ride, so of course we have to talk about it and why it’s the same as going to Taco Bell. At some ...


  3. #65 It's About the Crimson Underground

    On this week’s Comics Dash (now hosted on Soundcloud), Jean, Chad, and Alex talk Taylor Swift again, Alex goes to Fan Expo, Chad plays Lawbreakers, and horrible puns are made. Also, we hit up the new Wonder Woman book, the end of Secret Empire, and some random Image stuff too. ...


  4. #66 It's About Astro City is a Good Boy

    On this week’s comics dash, Chad, Jean, and Alex talk Astro City, why good lettering is so important, Batman, Superman, and Motor Crush! That one is back guys! Chad also saw IT and gives that a brief covereing that’s mostly spoiler free. Follow us on twitter @ComicsPodcast. Check out []( for ...


  5. #67: It's About Batman Metal Again

    Chad, Jean, and Alex chat Batman Metal and why it's still crap. Then they hit up Mr. Miracle, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, and a slew of Image #1s that vary in quality. They cap it all off with Runaways and an ice cream review. ...