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--- Chad Waller, Jean Luc, Alex Handziuk, Emily ---

A weekly show with Jean-luc, Chad, Alex, and Emily as they talk nuanced comic book discussion. Topics that we have covered include: Speed Racer, lizard fursonas, and wizard abortions.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #73: It's About Wolfenstein The New Colossus

    This week, Chad gets a new video game that's actually new and not Dark Souls 3, Jean luc says some stuff, and Alex still likes Aquaman! We chat Deadly Class, Nightwing, Batman Metal, Wayward, Underwinter, and Hack/Slash. Oh, and more ice cream reviews because of course. Sit on round the ...


  2. #72: Its About Taylor Swift Gorgeous LWYMMD

    Taylor Swift put out a new song, so of course Jean, Chad, and Alex have to spend way more time than necessary talking about it, her, and pop music in general. They also chat some Trivium because hell yeah Trivium! From there it turns into video games--PUBG, Dark Souls 3, ...


  3. #71: It's About Pretentious Dan

    On this week's comic-filled episode, Alex, Jean, Chad, and Pretentious Dan talk Batman Metal, Wonder Woman, Ragman, and Royal City. They also talk about a bunch of other stupid stuff but I don't remember what any of it really was. Guess you have to listen to find out! Follow us @ComicsPodcast ...


  4. #70.5 It's About Batman The War of Jokes and Riddles

    On this super special BONUS--bonus--episode of Comics Dash, Chad gets drunk and chats with Aron Pohara about Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles. For those not in the know, Aron has been reviewing the series for WeTheNerdy and actually likes it. It's a fun conversation about the merits of ...


  5. #70: It's Not About Comics

    On this week's disasterpiece, Chad, Jean, and Alex talk about removing warts with knives, going to ren fests, MTG tournaments, writing porn, and about a thousand other bits and pieces of nonsense. At some point Jean saw Bladerunner 2049, and Alex watched an 11 year old movie. It's quality content ...