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--- Chad Waller, Jean Luc, Alex Handziuk, Emily ---

A weekly show with Jean-luc, Chad, Alex, and Emily as they talk nuanced comic book discussion. Topics that we have covered include: Speed Racer, lizard fursonas, and wizard abortions.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #83: It's About 50 Shades of Grey is the New Star Wars

    On the first episode of 2018, Jean-luc gets a new microphone, Chad talks Austin Powers and the Babadook, and Alex attended a big Christmas dinner where everyone loved him because he is Alex. Also on the line are a ton of comics! Like, all of them! Batman, Snagglepuss, Black Panther, ...


  2. #82: It's About the Top-10 of 2017

    Happy new year everyone! This week, Chad, Jean, and Alex sit down and hash out the Comics Dash top-10 comics of 2017! It's a big ol discussion with some minor bickering about Archie, but otherwise, a really informative show on the best of last year. At the end, they discuss ...


  3. #81: It's About Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilercast

    Hello one and all, and welcome to the Comics Dash spoilercast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! We spend an hour chatting the movie, and we don't hold back on spoilers. If you have not seen TLJ, go watch it first! Also, Chad's mic broke and Jean-lucs was about dead so ...


  4. #80: It's About Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoiler Free

    On this week's audio pleasure, Chad gets black-out drunk at his office Christmas Party and Jean and Alex see STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI! We have a spoiler-free talk about the movie before hitting up some comic books. It was a good week, so listen for chat on Mr. Miracle, ...


  5. #79: It's About Cartoon Porn

    On this week's audio nightmare, Alex, Jean, and Chad talk Nanowrimo, Christmas shopping, Barnes & Noble, and other stupid crap because it's this podcast. Then they hit up Superman, Batman, Sleepless, Extremity, and No One With a Bullet. Good times good times. Hope you like ice cream, because we got ...