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--- Chad Waller, Jean Luc, Alex Handziuk, Emily ---

A weekly show with Jean-luc, Chad, Alex, and Emily as they talk nuanced comic book discussion. Topics that we have covered include: Speed Racer, lizard fursonas, and wizard abortions.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 264: It's About The Green Knight

    We all saw movies this week! Emily, Alex, and JL saw The Green Knight, Chad saw Tenet, and JL saw Suicide Squad. We also talk the new Willow album. For comic books its The Nice House on the Lake, Trover, Porcelien, The Me You Love in the Dark, Basalisk, Swamp Thing, ...


  2. 263: It's About Being Epic Bacon Horny

    3:30 Centaur World5:44 Owl House11:28: Fear Street 1994 + 197820:12: Old28:02: Indie horror recs for Chad31:37: Vinyl #236:20: Sweet Paprika #139:52: Batman Reptilian #245:05: Superman: Son of Kal-El #149:53: Robin #454:38: Beta Ray Bill #558:06: That Texas Blood #8 ...


  3. 262: It's About Mouth Feel

    There were so many comics this week holy shit. But that doesn't stop Alex, Chad, and Jean-Luc from spending a bunch of time talking about alcohol, pokemon, and planning a trip to Chicago! Then it's on to comics, including a couple bad Image #1s, the end of Proctor Valley Road, ...


  4. 261: It's About

    On this week's episode, which Alex posted late because he's irresponsible, Jean-Luc, Chad and Emily talk about RL. Stine's Fear Street, painting miniatures, writing music, and even comics! They talk about The Joker #5, HAHA #6, My Little Pony #100, Silver Coin #4, and morreeee! ...


  5. 260: It's About Black Widow

    On this week's episode, which Chad posted on time because he's responsible, the crew talk about metal vocals, painting minis, some Japanese theater, and Marvel's newest movie: Black Widow. It's a barrel of talks! For comics its Karmen, Mamo,The Nice House on the End of the Lake, The Good Asian, Noctera, ...